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Fiber FOG CLS Dome

Fiber FOG CLS Dome
Fiber FOG CLS Dome
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Product Code : FOG1236
Product Description

We are a known manufacturer and exporter of FOG-CLS-Dome001, which is widely used for Direct burial, Cable duct,  Aerial and for Well. This is known for providing airtight and watertight environment. The fiber splice closure of this delivers a hermetic seal and as per the needs the closure can be used for burial and aerial applications. In addition to this, the closures of FOG-CLS-Dome001 are are compliant with IEC 1073-1, these are made of tough and anti-corrosive polycarbonate.  Polycarbonate makes the closures ideal for duct, aerial, cable direct burial and well applications. 


Outside dimension (Height x Diameter)


cover dimension (Height x Diameter)

355mm x

Weight (excluding outside box)


Number of inlet/out ports

5 pieces in general

Diameter of fiber cable

Fiber optic splice tray

Max. 6 trays (bunchy)  Max. 4 trays (ribbon)


Bunchy: 12-96 (cores), Ribbon: up to 288 (cores)


  •  Easy installation with no special tool required
  •  Reliable and re-usable gasket sealing
  •  High compressive strength
  •  Chemical resistant
  •  High voltage resistant
  •  Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon fibers
  •  Flip-up style splice trays



Methods and Conditions


 Air Tightness  

 No air bubble seen  

 Put closure under water for 15min with closure's  internal air pressure set at 100kPa±5kPa.

Remains 100kPa±5kPa

Measure the internal pressure 24 hours later

 Air Tightness after    re-installation  

  No air bubble seen and pressure remains  unchanged

Do re-entry and re-installation 3 times and repeat above Air Tightness Tests.   

  Axial Pulling  

  Pressure remains  unchanged   

 Pulling force: 1000N    

Time: 1min

 Internal air pressure: 60kPa±5kPa


 Pressure remains  unchanged  

Applied pressure: 2000N/100mm   

Time: 1min 

Internal air pressure: 60kPa±5kPa


 Pressure remains   unchanged  

 Impact energy: 16N.m  

 No. of impacts: 3 

Internal air pressure: 60±5kPa


 Pressure remains  unchanged   

Bending angle: ±45°(in two opposite directions)  

 Tension: 150N  

 No. of bending: 10  

 Internal air pressure: 60kPa±5kPa


 Pressure remains  unchanged   

Twisting angle: ±90°  

 Torque: 50N  

 No. of twisting: 10  

 Internal air pressure: 60kPa±5kPa


 Temperature Cycling  

 Pressure drop 5kPa 

Cycling range: -40 ~ +60°C 

Cycling time: 2hrs at -40°C, then 2hrs at +60°C  

 No. of cycling: 3  

Internal air pressure: 60kPa±5kPa



 Resistance between  

Soak closure into water in 1.5m-depth for 24hrs,
and measure the insulation resistance after taking it out of water.

 metal parts: 2.0x105m

Resistance between  

 each metal part and  

 ground: 2.0x105m

 High Voltage  

No voltage break-downs
and sparks

 Soak closure into water in 1.5m-depth for 24hrs,
then apply 15kV DC to the metal parts inside